Dear Diary

REMEMBER THOSE? Still have my old ones. My penmanship was beautiful Now I can’t write, but at least I Have those nice memories. I can’t see the computer screen well, and typing this is a nightmare. But I need proof of my existence. Some where to complain & share my emotions…..
Dear Blog,
Last night my husband revealed to me that stem cells don’t hep progressive m.s. I was starting to research a doctor for myself that would perform a stem cell procedure on me. My husband didn’t want to tell me. I see why; I’m crying, depressed, and out of hope.I guess I just want some way to vent. To feel cuz I ain’t feelin; so good& I doubt things can get worse…But they can. And they will. I’ve got progressive m.s. FUCK~“~I can’t deal. But I must. Its my trial/weight to carry. There’s no why? No answers. Just questions that haunt me. I don ‘t know if I will link this to social media. I don’t want pity or love or prayers. I WANT A FUCKING CURE. L.O’Brien

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