Lab rat (written today July 24 2014)

I was diagnosed with m.s. when the only treatment was interferon medication. Terrible stuff.worse than disease.

Every time new one is FDA approved I go on it;just work this time PLEASE

I am tough.Pain doesn’t exist in my vocabulary.But would like to see my child grow-up.

Just give me something that works and doesn’t make me go throw-up!

I know I’m a study. Utterly fascinating I bet!

I jest,but if it works-forever in science’s debt.

So sick of being sick!-I scream with a smile.

Pretty sure I won’t kick the bucket for awhile.

It’d be nice to have memory,not shake,talk right or walk,

But all these meds? I have to balk.

When is enough enough? When do I stop to fix,bother to try?

I tell you, friends, won’t stop til I DIE!

There’s too much to do,for both you and I;

So I say ‘hell with it.’ with a sigh;

Trust my doctors,for they wouldn’t lie….

Or maybe this lab rat just can’t idly sit by.

I am research;and if I do try…

Perhaps it will save another life, after I die.

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