Atrophy. Reality. and a bit of hope (written today,Jully 23 2014)

Once upon a time I was a cheerleader. A dancer. And could run.

Then M.S. came.I stopped cheering.stopped dancing.But I could walk.

You adjust. You heal. You find new fun.

Then m.s. came. And I slur when I talk.

Once upon a time I could walk. I could drive.

Then m.s. came. And I learned new ways to get by.

You cry.You yell.Friends leave you.But you learn to survive.

You recognize people will leave you, and sigh.

Then m.s. came.I could not stand,but could limp with walker.

You loss more people.The world turns into your house.

Then m.s. came. Now I’m not much of a talker.

You learn to use wheelchair.Get as thin as a mouse.

Then m.s. came.could not move at all.

You learn people are narcissistic who real friends are.

Once upon a time I had to crawl;too often I bruised from a fall.

Then m.s. came. Can’t lift child. Don’t go very far.

You learn to sit and think. and think. and think.and wait….

Then m.s. came. Nothing left to take.

So you think. and you think. and you just wait……

Think of crawling. Until you can crawl.

Think of standing. Make your own fate.

Protect yourself from that ill fated fall.

Once upon a time I relearned to stand.

Then m.s. came. And said ‘fuck it, no more.’

Think of walking. dream of driving.Learn to take helping hand.

Then m.s. came. and Think about going threw death’s door.

Don’t trust.just think and dream,and still try.

To laugh,love.Stop asking ‘why’?

In my dreams I can dance.walk drive.

In my dreams I WANT to stay alive.

So reality becomes dreams. And the “real’ ain’t so real.

I wake…and I can’t dance still,no matter how I feel;

It never ends! So dreams are my reality.

This life is just waiting for a m.s. fatality.

So I live there. It is a very nice place.

There; there is no droop in my face.

There; humans are kind. I love to sleep.

So you see,this is YOUR reality.My dreams I will keep.

Heavily guarded,for m.s. is not there!

Your reality has war,famine,illness, and no care.

Mine is much better,I’m here only for loved ones.

I ignore the news with death and big guns.

Once upon a time there was a girl named,  Laurelin.

She lives in a dream and is a happy woman.

Maybe your reality isn’t so real at all.

In mine we all eat,dance,don’t fight;we stand tall!

Next time you see someone in a wheelchair;

Remember my words,for they don’t really live there.

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