Modern English…I think? (written today 7-31-2014)

I am the worst speller. I guess in the wild west my grammer’d be ‘yeller’

I actually became an English teacher; even with spelling not being my best feature.

Yes, NY state did declare; my ability to teach it did seam fare.

By now,you ,should’ve noticed this poem is an mess.Come grammar and spelling it was just test.

How many errors did you notice; three maybe two?

Let’s try something else and see what you do;

I’m @comp right now, but brb. My bff texted & had a smack.

from her cell phone, while texting. She’s under attack!

Fb,twitter,Goggle, an e-mail from who?

She’s so confused,’ I don’t know what to do!’

Be calm, I write, now put down the phone.

You need to CALL,I text; with a groan.

She shs and texts ;’WTF!-there’s a knock at my door, , my bf’s at work until 4!’

She answers the door with a lol!; It’s just me visiting…modern English annoys me; can’t you tell.


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