What is in your pocket?

In your pocket, do you carry your keys? ?

Don’t own any. Don’t drive. . If I want to enter my house I say please.

in your pocket, do you Beyond have a dime, tissue, or rag?

Don’t have any money. But I might have a dime bag.

In your pocket, do you carry a mirror?

I don’t. New wrinkles I fear.

In your pocket, do you have a picture of your love or your kid?

I do! Those things. You just don’t rid.

Some people hide their life, in a purse or a lock it.

I learned the most from what’s inside your pocket.

the scam

The biggest trick or scam that the devil ever played on us, was convincing us that he was not real. What a brilliant scam! Today the biggest scam that is being pulled on us is in the form of the news or media.

You can’t find news today. That isn’t biased. I watch CNN. But I am left with. Why would I watch Fox News? It appeals to the right-wing into Donald Trump supporters. So I watch news that appeals to me. But I am very aware that even this news is not accurate. No news is real news. It’s getting very tricky to figure out what is the truth. And what is not anymore.

I have decided to create my own news. That is the best way to go about the problem. Buy your own website. Then the news is whatever you say! Maybe if we all come together, collectively read each other’s blogs, The news can become what the new should be. Truth. Seeing you has how the news this day and age is all someone else’s opinion, Why not make our own news? Let us start our own scam. And let that scam ring with truth. If the devil could do it, so can we.

the scam

The biggest trick the devil ever played on us, was convincing us that he did not exist. This was a scam. One of the greatest scams ever to be performed on the human race.

Now there is a new trick or scam being played on us in the form of the news. Sometimes we call it media. It is getting tricky because it is on the computer, on your phone, on your television, everywhere! And we find ourselves picking our news based on which news suits Us best. For example, I watch CNN. This is because it appeals to the left wing. It appeals to Bernie Sanders supporters. It appeals to radicals and liberals like me. But I am aware it is biased. I am aware. It is a scam. But if I’m going to be scammed, at least they are on my side.

Some people watch Fox News for the same reason. They are right-wing. They are conservative. That news appeals to the right wing, So, of course they watch the news that appeals to them.

So which news is the truth, and which one is the lie? Who is the biggest scammer? The trick is, my friends, to recognize that all of it is a scam! The devil may have fooled us into believing he did not exist, But the intelligent ones know that evil is everywhere, and the devil is real. Sometimes he shows his face in strange places, but mark my word he is real. The news will try to play a trick on us Oh, but don’t believe it. All of it is a lie. You are just picking which lie you want to believe in. I choose CNN. But I know it is a lie.

So where do I get news that is true? Good question. The answer is, you don’t. You have to weed out the b*******. It is a difficult thing to do. In the end you have to just go by your heart, and pick the news that best suits you. Or you can do what I did. Sick of all the madness, you buy your own website. There you can say whatever you want. There the news is you.

So today I write this blog, with CNN on in the background. Totally aware that it is biased. Totally aware that I will probably never get factual news again. But perhaps, if we all buy a website, and talk about everything. , that will become the new news.

the red Care Bear

The red Care Bear felt so alone.

He couldn’t reach anyone on the phone

he wants to talk to Green Bear all day

But then Green Bear had nothing to say.

it seems green bear had painted himself blue.

so red bear didn’t know what to do

So he started hanging out with orange bear.

They have lots of fun, it was Quite an affair!

at night they went to bed, on the toy shelf.

In the morning, orange bear wasn’t quite himself.

he kept holding his breath, red bear didn’t know what to do!

He held it so long, that he also turned blue.

One by one, all the Care Bears in the toy box turned blue.

Red bear was alone. Felt divided. How could this be true!?

I am red and alone, he said with a sigh.

He had an idea. He bought all the Bears tie-dye!

We all could learn something from these Bears, you know.

Stop dividing ourselves. Let’s be a rainbow!


My cardiac arrest when I was 38, left me many things to contemplate. I died for 10 minutes but it could have been forever. But my words live on here no matter what you weather and if I had not woken from life support, my words would still be here. That means my name is eternal. My poetry lives on. A friend told me today, that as long as someone remembers your name, you are still alive. So I hope that my name will be remembered. Is not that the real reason we all right here? Because a piece of you hopes to be remembered? Of course, some of us hope to get published. Some of us are making money off our blog. Every year I wonder if I should keep paying my dues to own my domain. But I don’t want anyone else to own my name. It is mine. And it comforts me to know when this Mortal coil is gone, that my name lives on. It is always forever up there in the cloud. We are immortal.