So I’m not allowed to talk about Florida politics without registering with Florida? Well I’m certainly going to blog about it and see what happens lol

We don’t care if you run for president, governor of florida. But your wackadoodle laws down there will not work for the country. I’m sorry, not sorry. You’re wackadoodle don’t say gay bill. I know you’re not saying you can’t say gay, but you’re basically saying you can’t say gay! And you’re going to b a n abortion across the country, I don’t think so.

I am a school teacher. I could get a job right now in Florida if I wanted to. But what teacher wants to work down there? Too many rules. It’s really scary. They’re education system is failing. Teachers don’t even want to work in that state. But okay he’ll be a great president LOL

That’s good I guess I’m done, I just want to see what will happen. Cuz I’m not supposed to blog about Florida politics. I’m guessing nothing will happen!


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