a woman scorned

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. I try to never be this woman, but I am becoming that which I hate.

I am very disabled with Progressive multiple sclerosis. I cannot walk. I cannot really use my fingers. I haven’t been able to write my name in years. I am a school teacher. But it’s hard for me to even remember teaching as it has been 10 years since I was able to use a chalkboard. Even if I could teach with my wheelchair my hands are worthless! So I am on permanent disability. I try not to feel sorry for myself. So many have it worse. It sometimes I just have to have a pity party.

My husband has become forced to be my caregiver. He has to fill my sippy cups for me because my hands don’t work. He has to make my meals because I cannot use a stove or microwave. I feel like he very often represents me. He plays a lot of video games and I’m always disturbing him. And he gets so angry. He says I have no patience. I am really trying hard to have patience. But my life is waiting! Wait for this. Wait for that. Everything on someone else’s time. It a long time ago hurt my feelings. But now it is more than that. I am angry. A emotion I am not used to dealing with. I always try to live in love and light. Bud always competing with us video game is making me the scorned woman. I am a burden. I know this. But the people that have to help me have lower IQs than me. But I cannot insult them with my intelligence. So I just live in Waiting. Pretending that my brain is slipping like my body. Because that is the only way I can deal with anything. I have become the woman scorned. I do not know how to let go of my anger.

Now the world is under quarantine. We are battling an enemy we have never faced. A virus. But for me it’s just another day. I have lived in quarantine for nine years. So it is very difficult for me to see my daughter and my husband missing the world out there. For me there is no world out there! I am the woman scorned. I am downright pissed at the world.

I do not like to write these unhappy post. My posts are always filled with happiness. Today I needed to let go of some anger. Because I am the woman scorned. I am forgotten. I am alone. Instead of crying I am toughening-up. It is probably good that I don’t believe in guns. Because right now I feel very dangerous. Good thing I never leave the house. No one has anything to worry about. Except for this virus that is going around. honestly won’t affect me at all unless someone brings it in this house!

No one is stopping by anyways. No one wants to visit a a crippled who is the woman scorned. If anything of Interest ever should happen, I figured I should spread out my thoughts on paper. Because I don’t want to be remembered as the woman scorned. I want to be remembered as the woman with strength. The woman who is always positive. It is fitting that my blood type is B positive, because I’m always telling people to be positive. It is easier to give advice than it is to take it. For today, I will stay the woman scorned.

Hatred serves no one

Like most people in America I have a Facebook account. I do not in any way hide who I am. I am a disabled school teacher. I do not work. I don’t have much to do so I like stimulating conversations. But I don’t like hatred. And unfortunately, we find it a lot on social media.

I am a liberal Progressive. I am pro-choice. I have never hid from who and what I am. So often my post are liberal and Progressive. I have many republican friends. I love having intelligent conversations with them. Often we don’t agree, but we agree to disagree. And those are the conversations that I love.

As of late I have had people call me an idiot. I have had people say I’m stupid. Simply because I don’t like that stupid border wall and other people do. No one is right. We just have opinions. Okay, I’m pretty sure I am right, but I enjoy a good debate! What the world needs now is a little more kindness. And I tell these people that. I say, don’t throw stones at me I would never call you a name don’t call me one! But it seems to fall on deaf ears. And it is truly making me a little sad. When did politics get so cruel? Politics can be dirty, we often will disagree, but this is America and we are entitled to free speech. Everyone seems to remember the Second Amendment but they forgotten the first!

At the time of a pandemic we should all be loving each other. Whether Republican or Democrat, we all need to remember that we are bonded by not only Humanity but being Americans! I am a school teacher, and it baffles me that the same people that call me stupid are the same people that have children I would be willing to die for if they were in my classroom. Somewheres love has gotten lost. I am not blaming the president, but he certainly did not help. He almost seems to Relish in the hatred. Calling this virus a democratic hoax hope and craziness like that no, I just have no place for it. So if we are not Facebook friends, please feel free to join me in the fun I have in a non hateful way. I simply won’t allow it on my wall. And neither should you! We need to let go of all this hate. It isn’t helping anyone. It is not healthy. All it does is breed more hatred. Please go in peace, my friend. John Lennon said it best, All You Need Is Love.

fuk the feds

I love my country, I really do.

Even if your red and I vote blue.

But as of late, I love my state.

Lately it is the federal government that I hate.

So proud to be a New Yorker, yes I am!

With all that’s going on, where is Uncle Sam?

Fighting for ventilators and state digress.

Fighting with each other for a coronavirus test

From South Korea Maryland got some it’s true.

No help from the government, mr. President, what’s wrong with you?!

It feels like all of the states are on our own.

Even though once in awhile my Governor gets the president on the phone.

When it comes to testing the President says we are doing just great!

Even though people are dying. So check he sends you for the economy to stimulate.

We don’t need money, we need medicine and a cure!

Yes, I need that money so I will take it sure!

But the problem is still there. The virus and all this fear.

The states are on their own so why we need the feds is unclear?

We gave you our paycheck, and you take your taxes.

But when we need you, you disappear, urpower relaxes.

You make no sense, federal government, why do we need you?

It seems like you need us a hell of a lot more this is true!

You say you will make America great again, but you made things worse.

Now we live in fear with this freaking virus and we feel like there is a curse!

This virus lift the Veil, and I hope it all Rouses ,

All of you, at the federal government is putting a plague on all of our houses!

It’s time to take a stand, truly make us great again, get rid of that man!

Our American brothers and sisters laid dying it’s time to finally understand.

He needs you, not the other way around.

And November make your voice loud, he hopes you will have no sound.

America is getting stronger, louder, virus taught us well.

Without you we still function, Mister president, can’t you tell?

You wanted the states to fend for themselves and you got your wish.

you thought you were a whale a leader, but you are a pebble, a little fish..

There’s a big ocean out there called America, and we are fishing for someone new

America, wake up! Look what he’s done to all of you!

This pandemic taught us well, states have United, and fuck the feds!

Vote loud, proud, my purple’s, blues and reds!

We are the greatest country in the world, and united we stand.

Never forget, it is the voter that has the upper hand.

Global consciousness

My brother is in New Zealand. No planes are in the sky.

My family is in California, I cannot just stop by.

I hope Tony is okay in Mexico, and only Facebook can tell,

How my friends and family are doing in Israel

We are all so far apart. But this damn virus is everywhere!

So I messaged my cousin in Italy with love and care .

No matter where you are this virus can’t break through

The immense love that I feel for all of you.

covid-19 is all around us. Left, right, and above.

It will not beat our unbreakable love

there is a global Consciousness that sometimes you can feel.

And as we all lay in silence the planet has time to heal.

So far away, yet so close we are.

All on the third planet from one bright star.

I know your kitchen or living room is the farthest you can roam.

Wherever you are, my friend, you are not alone