The most important election

I thought 2020 would be the most important election. Seemed like it at the time. Got rid of authoritarian rule. Democracy was back. But is it?

2022 was an important midterm I suppose. I am 42 and I got to tell you it’s starting to feel like the same old same old. Voting was very important to me. I don’t know if it is anymore. Because, there is no politician I am in love with.

You see I was really behind Bernie sanders. It was nice to have a politician I was in love with. Love his ideals. I didn’t understand why everyone else didn’t see what I saw. But that’s democracy isn’t it? Sometimes the best guy doesn’t win.

I always used to say dust yourself off get back up and then 4 years try again. But now Bernie is gone. And I feel he really cared about the working class. Who is going to fight for the middle class now? Why am I voting? It’s all the same. Republican democrat, it’s all about power.

I don’t mean to be so negative but I’m a little disillusioned by the whole process. Does my voice really matter? Does anyone even read my blogs? Or does all of my mindless thought go out into the void and sit there?

I want to give you some positivity. I want to tell you you can make a difference! I want to tell you one voice matters. But have you seen what’s going on in Israel? That earthquake and turkey and syria? That train derailment in ohio? Chemical spills, animals and fish and plant life dying. How can my one voice make a difference? I am starting to realize that I can’t. And I used to think I could. Reality sucks when it crashes in on you.

So I have decided I will vote again in the most important election. When do you think that will be? 2032? 2024? What if we go with 2062? Sounds like a good number! It’s all the same. Vote, repeat. Vote, repeat. When does my vote make a difference?

Sorry my blog is a little negative today. But I’m disillusioned with voting, government, the world, just about everything. It’s all getting to me. So I will leave you with this. A little piece of positivity, I miss you bernie. I tried, I really tried to get you as our leader. I’m sorry. We will look to the younger generation to help the working class. I won’t give up. I can’t give up. The middle class needs me. Before they disappear, I will vote for them.


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