The middle

I have often been called a radical. I am realizing as a age, that I am not. I do not like people to put me in a box. Check me off. I am not a box. I am more in the middle

I very much support b l m. And their protest. Do not nor will I ever support looters, or destruction of property. Usually the things that happened in the darkness of night at BLM protest. Daytime was peaceful. no I do not support destruction of property

I very much support the First Amendment. I am vaccinated and boosted. But I respect everyone’s right no, I am not a supporter of the freedom Convoy in Canada. But I’m not against it. My problem is what is happening at night. Honking your horns waking up children and elderly. That is my problem. Be respectful..

Now that I have explained this, know that I am a lefty. I am a Democrat. But my wits are more in the middle. There seems to be a lot less of us! We need to remember no matter our political affiliation we are all Americans. Somewhere else we forgot this. This is how Civil Wars begin. Do not turn against your brother. Do not look at yourself as red or blue or purple. Look at yourself as a member of this country. Because that’s the way I look at all of you.

It is getting harder and harder to be in the middle. I really try to see both sides. I really try to have them know that I see you. I tried to have compassion. I try to understand. But I don’t understand cruelty, waking up Neighbors in the dead of night, whether it’s from a trunk honking or someone taking advantage of BLM protest it night. Be respectful. You wouldn’t want someone waking you up in the middle of the night, so don’t do it to them. It should be pretty simple. We have forgotten to treat each other with kindness.

Yes, I am a Democrat and a lefty, but I tried to be in the middle. It’s so hard. Lefty’s get mad at me when I say oh, don’t be so hard on them. Right-wingers get mad when I say, don’t be so hard on them. Remember we are all on the same side. The American side. I don’t want to live in two Americas. Do you? Cuz we are headed towards Civil War oh, and I don’t want to go there. The last one killed a lot of people. Let’s not go there. Let’s stop this madness now.

Nothing wrong with being a conservative or a republican. Nothing wrong with being a Democrat or a liberal like me. But somewhere along the way you have to view things from The Middle. You have to. We must all get along. When we start seeing ourselves as an R or a d, or blue or red, it’s getting dangerous. I am blue, but I respect the red. Therefore I try to always View things from The Middle.

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