When shit gets you down, use your brain.

Maybe you will think of a Snappy refrain.

But mostly, you just are trying not to go fucking insane

The time is ahora. I like your wrists

The time is now. The time never quits.

But time moves fast. You need some s l i t s

Not what you expect coming from me.

Time is of the essence you see.

And my mind really Want to Be Free

Free of my evil Ms body

Ms took my body. My mind is still anyone’s guess

And I simply cannot attest. Why I’m in this effing mess?

I don’t know what to do. I Ponder. I j e s t

The time is now. Always now. No future in sight

Time to do it now, time to make things right

Finally tell the truth with all your might

The time is now. Scared shiftless at 41

Don’t remember life without MS. Did you know I could run?

Me neither. I’m forgetting. I used to be fun

Don’t worry, I’m too chickenshit. I am always right here

I battle my demons. I ignore the fear

I know that the answer is obviously clear.

Don’t wait. For anything. Ever.

Whatever it is that storm you can weather

If you need someone, I’m here. We’ll do it together.

Don’t wait like I did. Your moment is now

Just do it. Don’t wait. Wipe the sweat from your brow

Find something beautiful. A poem. A flora.

Carpe Diem. Do it a h o r a

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