More and more people do not believe in God. This is the first generation that does not affiliate with any religion. Religion is in the minority for once. And I can’t help but Wonder, does this make the world better or worse?

When I first joined AA over 15 years ago, they told us we had to pick a higher power. Even if we made our higher power the table in front of us, that was okay. We just had to give her power to someone else.

Why is today no different? I have to be honest, most of my friends do not believe in God. My father is an atheist. I was raised with both religion and without it. So I guess I got the Best of Both Worlds? Either that or it left me very confused.

Talking with a scientist online about the formation of the Galaxy and universe. Big Bang Theory. String Theory. Black hole Theory. You know, fun stuff. When I was a kid we all believed Big Bang Theory. But this scientist told me it does not hold scientific weight. I think because of God. He said in order for Big Bang to occur, there has to be a Creator. And most people are moving away from the idea of a creator. He kind of made me feel stupid for still believing in God. And I realize, that I cannot have this discussion was people anymore. I have to keep my beliefs to myself.

Okay, I can accept I might be wrong. I still believe in God, but I can accept there might not be one. Why can’t non-believers accept that there might be one? This fundamental question has been bothering me for a while. And I cannot bring it up on social media. So I bring it up here, on my blog, where it is safe.

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