It’s okay.

It’s okay to be wrong, when everyone else is right. It’s okay to not have anyone agree with you. Always remember that, it’s okay.

This morning I have been meditating and praying. Something that I often do in the mornings. As I meditate and pray, I contemplate why I am a believer when most of my friends are atheist.

I am talking about really smart people. People with college degrees. People that have contemplated the same things as me and other human being. And they have come to the decision, that there is no higher power. And that is okay.

Why do we all have to agree? We struggle with different religions and different beliefs, but when someone is a non Believer, why do we attack them? It’s okay to not believe. Just be a good person. Isn’t that what it’s about? The Golden Rule?

Now in 41 years of life I have been through some shit. I have multiple sclerosis. I do not walk. I can barely see. I survived being on life support for 6 days, I’ve been through some shit. I’ve been addicted to Every chemical on this planet! Okay, not bath salts. They were a little after my time. But through it all, the one rock that I have is not my husband. It is not my daughter. It is not my parents. It is not my friends. It is my belief in a higher power. And I know many think I am silly for this. And that’s okay.

Many asked me, how can you believe in a book that was written thousands of years ago by human beings? The answer is simple, I believe everything in the Bible is an allegory. I do not believe any of it is meant to be taken literally.

Yeah, there’s some stuff in it that’s just silly. Corinthians 1 and 2 is ridiculous. Do we really need books in the Bible to tell us how to pray? How to act in a church or a temple? I think not. But if you look at them as an allegory, they’re not so bad. They just want you to live a good life. Perform Good Deeds. Care about other people!

So I struggle. It’s tough being a Believer when everyone called you a fool. But it’s okay. Just love me the way I love you. Just be kind to each other. And remember that whatever you believe, as long as you believe for the right reasons, it’s okay.

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