It’s supposed to be a book with many faces.

With friends and family from many places.

It will keep you connected, yes it will.

But don’t you dare use the word kill!

They will put you in Facebook jail.

Where you don’t get any hugs or kisses or even mail!

I am done with their crap I’m going over to WordPress.

Social media that never puts me in lockdown, never causes distress!

So I’m writing a little poem about my pissed off affair

My friends and followers I miss with a sad little care

But I must stay true, to who I am.

Facebook has become more powerful then Uncle Sam!

When they get you down, come on over to WordPress.

There is a lot more love, inspiration, and no drama mess.

Please never let Facebook buy you my dear WordPress, it would break my heart.

I love how you bring us together, not tear us apart

There is a lot of Madness going on with Facebook Instagram, what a freaking mess.

When that stuff gets you down, come on over here to WordPress.

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