Delirium, conspiracies, and Q

I clicked on a link that said plandemic on Facebook.

Not realizing the places that it took

Me to places filled with fear.

Of everything. But why? Not clear.

I met a lady in a chat room, she said the government is run by a deep state.

Who is in it, I’m not sure. But if I question I might be late.

Late to the party. Qanon is there.

But where Q is, we are unaware.

We know he is our savior. He will shine a light.

We will show the Deep state and cabal what is really right.

We just have to find Q! He will surely know what to do.

Maybe he started a new. Maybe in America he is through!

I just have to find him. The plandemic says he is the key.

Key to what? I have no idea. Knowledge is a luxury

For the elite! The makers of the deep state, they created this virus you know.

They want you to think it came from nature or a lab, but in the Deep state it did grow.

7 months have gone by since I opened the plandemic. Has it been that long?

All these links. Articles. Chat rooms. But no Q. Could we all be wrong?

No, no, no I keep looking. I am not crazy. I know Q is here deep in my soul

I found him! He is at the bottom of this rabbit hole

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