The Game of Life

Do not be kind to me. I am not here.

Stop pretending. Your motivation is clear.

If you want my attention, give my shirt a tug

Don’t caress me or kiss me I don’t want a hug.

All I want is kindness. For people to be nice.

But they are not. It makes me question and think twice

Don’t tell me you know how hard it is, and then walk away.

You know I can’t walk. I cannot read work with what I want to say.

I know I’m hard to love. Let’s face it, life has been rough.

But come at me with kindness. And I won’t be so tough.

When life beats you down, take that lemon and make lemonade.

Don’t like lemons? Grab oranges. Make some Gatorade

The point is, if you don’t like the cards you’re dealt deal something new.

Don’t like them? Discard, redraw, until the deck is through.

You have 52 chances. You may Auntie, bet, life still makes You Broker

It’s okay. You always have a joker

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