Happy 420

Happy 420 21, everyone! Like many people, 20 years ago I celebrated 420 not telling anyone that I was celebrating 420! Times have greatly changed, thank goodness. But let’s look back over the past 420. Let’s see if we can find a common seeing besides for the obvious.

I believe it was 420 in 1994 when I was celebrating 420 with a friend. We both skipped school that day. While we were celebrating, the news came on the television. The Columbine shooting was going on at the Columbine High School in Colorado. We both thought it was a joke! Who shoots up a high school on 4/20? Sadly, it was not a joke. Forever leaving me with this memory on what should be a happy day.

The next few decades we still spend 420 in hiding. I was taught that marijuana is a gateway drug. The Dare program. Taught me that marijuana is bad! It will lead to things like cocaine and heroin! So stay away from it.

The Dare program totally had the opposite effect on me. Yes, it was successful in making me afraid of marijuana. But the problem with the Dare program, was it taught me how to use all the other drugs! I had no idea what cocaine was, until I took the Dare program. I had no idea what heroin was, until I took the Dare program.

So we learn to celebrate 4/20 in silence. Because we were criminals! And marijuana would only lead us to Skid Row, right? I’m glad to say that the Dare program was not right. I did not wind up on skid row because of marijuana. I did take some wrong turns in life, but marijuana was never the culprit.

20 years later I am happy to say New York State finally realizes what I have known for 20 years. That marijuana is a medicine. Instead of taking opiates, I only use THC as a nerve pain medicine. It took you long enough New York State! But I will take what I can get. And I am grateful that New York state is finally seeing what many of us have known all along. Marijuana is medicinal.

So finally we can celebrate 4/20 together not in the shadows! But unfortunately, this 420 we are spending it waiting for the jury to deliberate on the Derek Chauvin case. This is what I meant by my memories of 420 aren’t as happy as they should be. Worst of all, Hitler’s birthday is 420. I am starting to think maybe we should celebrate this holiday on a different day!

Hopefully, many of you reading this are young. And you don’t even remember Columbine shooting. And you can celebrate 420 the way it should be celebrated.

I am only 40 years old, I have seen a lot of four twenties in my day, I am old enough to live and remember why we call it 4:20. Do you know? It is because 420 used to be a police code. When they had a drug charge, usually marijuana, they would broadcast on the radio for 20 in progress. Giving people time to unload their drugs. I believe this was in California, but don’t quote me. Needless to say, the police got wind of this and they stop using that code. But 420 was forever indoctrinated as a marijuana holiday!

So now you all know why I truly love 420, but I wish we celebrated it on a different day. Too many bad memories. Hopefully, the next two decades will inspire a happier 4:20. One where we no longer have to be in the shadows, I still kind of feel like I need to hide it, and I have a medicinal marijuana license! We have been so indoctrinated into thinking that marijuana is a drug. I blame the Dare program. So I end with peace and love and I wish you all a happy and healthy for 20. May it remain a holiday where we sit around and get the munchies and giggle and remember to trust your own instincts always! Because the Dare program led me astray, so happy you young people will never have to experience that Madness!

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