A strange time

What a strange time we are living in. Not quite sure what to write about.

In the past few months this nation has been through some s***!

Insurrection Alone could fill my page . But there is nothing happy In it .

So let’s talk about vaccines. That’s Happy. Too bad we don’t have enough.

We still don’t have stimulus checks for when times get rough.

We have a new president, and that’s pretty cool.

It would be even better if he could get my daughter back in school!

I Thought when the Donald was gone things would get better . .

Marjorie Taylor Greene Blamed Jewish space lasers on weather !

Hard to believe 2021 Is still Brand new .

Qanon is telling People a bunch of stuff that’s not true!

Antifa is getting blamed for a whole bunch of stuff!

That is who they resort to when times are rough.

We won’t even get into the murder Hornets , That just seems moot

The qanon shaman Requesting a pardon was a hoot!

Well I can’t write Ah, the hill We climb .

That girl puts me to shame! But at least I can rhyme !

Can you believe it’s only February? What’s going to Happened after ?

We could use some cheers! A little happy . A little laughter!

We must, we must, all come together .

We must, we must, if we are going to weather .

The end of this virus. Trust me, covid-19 doesn’t care if your red or blue.

We Are Better Than This division! United we can get through .

So far this year has been all about the conspiracy Theory , Want one?

I am q . And an alien. So bow down, son!

Yes, that sounds silly. But don’t they all?

We must unite against this madness if we are going to walk tall.

I know we can do this! Yeah, it’s been a really weird year .

Let’s Get That vaccine and get over all this fear!

There, I wrote my little Rhyme But it doesn’t solve the problem That is 2021.

We thought we escaped 20 20 . But that was a warm up. Now we are really on the Run.

Politicians won’t save us. Neither will red white and blue.

Stop Believing conspiracies. The one that can save us is you

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