Ancient Aliens

Ancient alien theorists say yes.

To everything. More or less.

They can’t believe in God so they pretend.

It must be Little Green Men! Their credit we send

A conspiracy theory is not based on faith

And saying it out loud is kind of a disgrace.

Everything with this President is a conspiracy theory!

His Madness is starting to make me quite weary.

There is no cure for this virus, don’t listen to him!

Children are not immuned. If they get sick, it looks grim.

You got more truth watching Ancient Aliens. And that is pretty sad.

Everything that Donald Trump says makes me mad.

You might as well watch fiction on TV.

You will get more truth there, that I see.

What were we expecting? We voted him in!

And conspiracy theories were no longer a sin.

How did any of us think it would ever get this far

That’s right, we voted in a TV reality star!

You probably got more truth from Ancient Aliens than the news.

Please everyone, this November let him lose!

I miss watching TV and knowing what’s real.

Because Ancient Aliens is looking pretty good, what’s the deal?

When fiction becomes reality, and absolutely nothing makes sense.

Governments are falling. And the world is getting tense.

Watching Ancient Aliens, I wonder where reality went?

Conspiracy theorist say it lies with the president!

Come back to earth my friends. And live in the real.

Aliens can’t save you no matter what you feel.

This is November go out and vote. And maybe you will see.

There is no sanity watching TV.

Reality is all around, go ahead and take a look!

Don’t turn on your TV. Read a really good book.

We are smarter than this. Don’t believe what ancient alien theorists say.

If you do that, possibly this nightmare will go away!

This November, let someone else win.

Truth is not in Aliens. It lies within.

Within you. But you must open your eyes!

See that this President just spread lies and More Lies.

Aren’t you all just worn out and a little tired?

Send him back to The Apprentice. Tell him, you are fired!

Maybe aliens came once. But they won’t come again.

Not as long as Donald Trump is here my friend.

Would you visit this planet when the world is such a mess?

You would have better luck with them visiting if the president was David koresh!

As long as we are bickering, they will never come.

Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, but they are just dumb.

Use logic. Occam’s razor. They might’ve come once before.

But until Trump is gone I tell you they’re right outside the door!

If like me you want the aliens to visit again you know what to do.

Save the human race, this year vote blue!

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