Corporate America.

On November 3rd of this year most of corporate America will probably vote for Donald Trump. The rest of us, those of us that live in the real world, probably will not. Corporate America will chew you up and spit you out! No matter how hard you try, you end up being that kid who is picked last in gym class. Who no one wants on their team. That is Corporate America

Are you better off than you were When Donald Trump got elected? My family certainly is not. We are certainly worse off. We now join the ranks of the 14 million Americans unemployed. Thank you Donald Trump. Thank you Corporate America. My father used to work for a solar power company. As soon as Donald Trump took over oh, he lost his job. No funding for renewable resources. We need to burn more c o a l!

My husband worked for his company for 14 years. His position for 10 years. They have gone Outsourcing. He works in Information Technology. The big servers. I don’t really know what he does, but I miss school teacher and I know it’s basically the exact opposite of me, computer savvy. I am disabled and I do not work. My husband is the breadwinner. While Elite one percent of America is getting richer, we are getting poorer.

Are you still thinking about voting for Donald Trump? Please do not. He has made this country worse. He has only helped to be elite 1%. Has your tax return change this year from last year? Probably not. But all his friends made more money. Did you? If the answer is a resounding no, I implore you to vote for someone else. Our voice is the one thing left that he cannot control. It probably drives him crazy.

So this is my world now. It was quite good. I get a disability check that I work hard for until I could not teach anymore at age 30. But at least my husband has a good job! We have a mortgage. Thank goodness our car is paid off. But then a few months it will be Christmas time. I don’t know how much cheer there will be to go around, but I know not having Donald Trump as president will certainly help for the holiday.

I am a college-educated woman. My husband is a college-educated man. We should never have to struggle. This is America! WTF! I do not care who you vote for, but for the love of God don’t let it be Donald Trump. I myself am not a fan of Joe Biden, but I am voting for Kamala Harris. But if you don’t like the moderate with the liberal vice president, write in Mickey Mouse! I do not care, but please my fellow Americans do not give that man your vote

I do not want to live in Corporate America anymore. Remember when we used to live in America? I am not one of the elite 1%. I did not get any tax cut these last few years. But I guarantee Jared Kushner did! I’m sick of paying for Donald Trump’s meals. His mortgage. His golf vacations. Enough is enough. Wake up America. If you are not part of that Elite 1%, Republican Democrat independent, give your vote to anyone but Donald Trump!

I have to go now. At age 40 I have to help my husband find a new job. Create a new life. Hopefully here, but I do not know. All I know, if that man becomes president again, I will find a way to move to Canada.

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