Because I can

At the end of June in 2017 I was on life support for 6 days. One year exactly on the same day I snapped out of life support I visited the Pacific Ocean, not to prove to myself I was still here, but because I could.

I went to SUNY Cortland and lived a half an hour away in Whitney Point. One day I drove past my school exit on the highway and kept driving north. I got to Albany. Then I drove to Canada. Not just to show my newfound Independence but, because I could.

When I lost the ability to drive I began to write. Then I lost the ability to write and to type and I began to speak. My words still echo the page. I can still go anywheres I choose. I choose to stay in one spot. You are capable of anything you choose. When someone asks me why did you of all things I became a wife and mother, I reply, because I could. Because I can.

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