Hatred serves no one

Like most people in America I have a Facebook account. I do not in any way hide who I am. I am a disabled school teacher. I do not work. I don’t have much to do so I like stimulating conversations. But I don’t like hatred. And unfortunately, we find it a lot on social media.

I am a liberal Progressive. I am pro-choice. I have never hid from who and what I am. So often my post are liberal and Progressive. I have many republican friends. I love having intelligent conversations with them. Often we don’t agree, but we agree to disagree. And those are the conversations that I love.

As of late I have had people call me an idiot. I have had people say I’m stupid. Simply because I don’t like that stupid border wall and other people do. No one is right. We just have opinions. Okay, I’m pretty sure I am right, but I enjoy a good debate! What the world needs now is a little more kindness. And I tell these people that. I say, don’t throw stones at me I would never call you a name don’t call me one! But it seems to fall on deaf ears. And it is truly making me a little sad. When did politics get so cruel? Politics can be dirty, we often will disagree, but this is America and we are entitled to free speech. Everyone seems to remember the Second Amendment but they forgotten the first!

At the time of a pandemic we should all be loving each other. Whether Republican or Democrat, we all need to remember that we are bonded by not only Humanity but being Americans! I am a school teacher, and it baffles me that the same people that call me stupid are the same people that have children I would be willing to die for if they were in my classroom. Somewheres love has gotten lost. I am not blaming the president, but he certainly did not help. He almost seems to Relish in the hatred. Calling this virus a democratic hoax hope and craziness like that no, I just have no place for it. So if we are not Facebook friends, please feel free to join me in the fun I have in a non hateful way. I simply won’t allow it on my wall. And neither should you! We need to let go of all this hate. It isn’t helping anyone. It is not healthy. All it does is breed more hatred. Please go in peace, my friend. John Lennon said it best, All You Need Is Love.

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