Global consciousness

My brother is in New Zealand. No planes are in the sky.

My family is in California, I cannot just stop by.

I hope Tony is okay in Mexico, and only Facebook can tell,

How my friends and family are doing in Israel

We are all so far apart. But this damn virus is everywhere!

So I messaged my cousin in Italy with love and care .

No matter where you are this virus can’t break through

The immense love that I feel for all of you.

covid-19 is all around us. Left, right, and above.

It will not beat our unbreakable love

there is a global Consciousness that sometimes you can feel.

And as we all lay in silence the planet has time to heal.

So far away, yet so close we are.

All on the third planet from one bright star.

I know your kitchen or living room is the farthest you can roam.

Wherever you are, my friend, you are not alone

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