WordPress vs. Facebook

Ever notice all the advertisements on your blog or on Facebook? Do you remember them existing years ago? They did not. And now that WordPress and Facebook competes with each other, often my blogs are not posted to Facebook. Facebook does not want you to open a link to another business like them. Therefore, it is difficult for bloggers to spread their information on social media. It is a cyberspace War. I never thought in my life such a thing would exist but it does. Now people like me, are caught in the crossfire of this war between two social media monsters. How do we, the bloggers, compete with such a huge business. Aren’t you sick of seeing all those ads on Facebook and word press? Don’t you feel we should have a say in what ads we are reviewing? Just some food for thought. Nothing we can do about it. Just thought I would make them aware that we are aware. Power of the people. We will think of something.

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