Sometimes, they come back.

Sometimes, people leave this Earthly plane, but then come back. When I passed away, all of these little things had to happen at once. It was like a perfect storm. All these little things that added up to catastrophe. And no one thought I would pull through, but sometimes they come back.

somewhere in my body I had a GI bleed. I slowly began to lose all the blood in my body. Until I finally crashed on June 26th 2018. I was on life support for 6 days and had total organ failure. My body never to work again. But sometimes, they come back.

I had herpes simplex munching on my brain. Simple cold sores. A virus that had not appeared in my body since I was in 6th grade. I never thought that this old virus could come back and almost kill me. But sometimes oh, they come back.

When I awoke from life support, my kidneys did not work. I was put on kidney dialysis. They didn’t know if my kidneys would ever work again. But Sometimes, they come back.

I had eight blood transfusions. My heart stopped 4 over 10 minutes. Not enough for my heart to keep beating blood through my body. So the heartbeats stopped. But sometimes, they come back.

In your life, people come and go. Relationships begin. Relationships end. Lovers come and go. Children age, and so do you. It may seem at times like you’re all alone. Everything seems lost, do not despair, for sometimes , they come back.

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