I had a memory pop up on Facebook from 4 years ago. It was a visit from one of my dear friends from childhood. Unfortunately, every time I see this picture, all I think of is the letter I received on the same day. A letter in which my dear friend told me how much she hates me. She told me how slighted I am. How selfish I am. And how I don’t care about anyone but myself. It was a terrible letter. And I wish I could erase it from my memory. Even now, she lives in Oregon, and I think about her everyday. I think about what I could have done differently. I think about how I could make this woman like me. But I cannot. Sometimes in life people just don’t like you. And you have to learn to accept that they will never like you. And that’s okay. You just need to be happy with yourself. It’s so easy to say. But it is so hard to do. Why can’t we just think for people? I want this girl to like me so much. But she never will. And I need to be okay with that. I don’t have a mind eraser. I can’t erase her from my conscious how can we as people learn that we simply can’t control others? Maybe politicians can, but I just don’t possess the knowledge to control others thoughts. Nor do I have the political smarts to manipulate what people think or feel. And I have to just accept it. Or I can just say screw that, hand me an eraser.

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