Unblock Me!

Social media makes it so we are plugged into the world. But what happens when the people you want to bug block you? It is quite aggravating and annoying. The only place you can really vent, is here, I’m your personal blog where no one can block you.

I, myself, just don’t see the fun in blocking old friends and boyfriends. Unfortunately, they do not agree with me. I have been trying to reach out to certain people for years. And maybe I did wrong them but I certainly can’t fix the problem if you have me blocked!

I cannot validate your feelings if you don’t tell me what they are. I cannot make amends, if you do not let me speak to you. No one can block me in this place, for I own the domain. And that does give me some comfort. But not as much as it would if I could just actually speak to you in person. Does your hate really run that deeply? I guess I will never know. Because you hit the block button.

Wherever you are, I send my love. Even if you hate me, I still send you love. This life is just too short to hold a Grudge.

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