A man’s world

It is a man’s world. Everyone knows this. I am a very educated woman, but I will never make as much as a man. With the same education, the same experience, I just am missing the body part they have. It is a man’s world. I have a beautiful daughter, and I want her to know that she can do anything a man can do. But let’s face it, it is a man’s world.

Yesterday my husband got a random friend request from a female. It was just her taking selfies in the mirror. I told my husband, I get 8 to 12 friend request a day from Men. I am not stupid. I know what they want. The other day, one actually messaged me that they would give me money for you know what. I am married. My profile says so. What is wrong with people? Why is it that my husband does not get all of these strange friend requests and I do? I will tell you why… Because people think they can get away with it and they hope so bad that this crippled handicap woman will put out. It is ridiculous.

So how do we as women compete? It is simply impossible right now, in the world we live in. We still haven’t had a female president for goodness sake! But let us not forget, girls, that men do rule the world. But women rule the men.

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