I have a hero. But I do not know his or her name. I do not know the sex of this person. I do not know their race. For all I know that person is you. My hero has B+ type blood. I receive at least eight blood transfusions that saved my life. Someone took time out of their day, and donated their Precious Blood to a stranger. And that stranger was me. Thank you for saving my life, whoever you are.

Because of you, I get to watch my daughter grow up. Because of you, my daughter has a mother. I wish so much that I could personally thank you. But I do not know who you are. You have given me the greatest gift on Earth oh, you have given me life.

We talk so much about passing it on. The best way you can pass it on, is to give blood. Take 30 minutes out of your day and donate blood. I promise you it is worth it. You just might save a life. And last year, that life was mine.

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