Politics and religion

There are two things you never talk about on social media. One is Politics, the other is his religion. I try to never bring up either. But unfortunately, I talked religion on Facebook. Boy, did I learn my lesson.

An atheist asked a very open-ended question on Facebook. She asked, how can there possibly be a god, when there are so many horrible things in the world. AKA, starvation, murder, rape

Etc, etc, etc. I foolishly responded to her. I do believe in God. But I do not feel he interferes with human Affairs. I hate even giving him the pronoun him because the proper pronoun would be it.

Anyways, I should not have responded. I should have known better. There is no saying there is a God with an atheist. Boy, did she give me a mouthful. I know, many people feel that I hallucinated my afterlife experience. And that is okay. I am totally okay with having different beliefs. But don’t be mean and nasty because I have a different View. This is after all, the United States of America. And the first amendment guarantees me the right to any religion. The same goes for you. But let us not be nasty to each other.

Can’t we have a difference of opinion without can’t we have a difference of opinion without being mean and nasty? Apparently, we cannot.

So let me end this blog with this statement. I am a Democrat. I vote party lines. I don’t care if you’re a lesbian or straight or whatever you call yourself. Just be a good person. I certainly don’t care if you believe in God. Just be a good person. Now that I’ve talked about both religion and politics, please remember that neither of these forms of thought matter. All that matters, is that you’re a good person. Today be a good person. And for the love of God, don’t talk about religion or politics.

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