Never let your king fall over

Paul Brown once said, if you win say nothing. If you lose, say less.

I have found this to be true, with everything in life. The most profound experiences I’ve had, I do not utter a word about. When we are young, we feel obligated to tell everyone everything! As we get older we learn that, sometimes it is best not to say anything at all.

We should have learned this at an early age. When playing a board game with someone, if you win, you don’t brag and show off. If you lose, you do not throw a temper tantrum. Your parents tell you not to be a sore loser. Why do we seem to forget this simple idea later in life? Sometimes in life you lose. You do not throw a temper tantrum. Sometimes in life you win. You don’t always have to share with people how awesome you are for winning.

I have often heard people compare life to the game of chess. I disagree. In chess, whether you win or lose, you shake your opponent’s hand and say, good game. Life is not like that. In chess, when you lose oh, you knock your king over. In life, when you truly have a conviction, nothing will make you knock it over. So life is not like a game of chess. But maybe it should be. Maybe whether you win or lose, you should just say, good games. You should just be grateful for the experience. Win or lose, it is manners and etiquette and the way you deal with the situation that matters.

Win or lose, I have learned that silence is golden. Some things are meant to be left up to that internal dialogue in your head. Leave it there! Remember the simple things you learned when you were a child. As an adult, sometimes we all just need to be quiet. But that does not mean, you should ever knock your king down. Always let your convictions stand strong. But sometimes, don’t be so loud about it.

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