I have my gratitude back in my attitude. I knew it would not take too long

I went outside, like I always do. I like to get a little Vitamin D from the natural source when I can. I started thinking about those 10 minutes when I was dead. And the experience I had. And I became so grateful for the entities that help send me back to this Earthly plane. Whatever they were. Whoever that was with his thunderous voice, praying over me oh, I am so very grateful.

I thought all of this with my eyes closed and felt the Cool Breeze on my face. So thankful that I was brought back and I can feel the breeze. When I opened my eyes, there was a butterfly flying around me! Yes I know, this could just be a coincidence. But I have just experienced too many coincidences to be a coincidences.

So in conclusion, I have gratitude back in my attitude. I lost it a little bit yesterday, but that’s the great thing about a new day. You can always change things around! So have a great day, my friends. And remember to carpe diem. Enjoy those little coincidences, that just might after all not be so coincidental.

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