My body is such an amazing machine. My heart stopped beating in 2018. To keep it working a machine has an electrical current into it to make it begin again. For six days, I was in a coma on life support. All of my organs failed. A machine was working for them for me. Now my iron is once again low. In August I have to get a Iron Infusion. When I collapsed in 2018 my iron was at a four or a seven. I became extremely anemic. Where the iron goes I don’t know but I need it. And what will give it to me is an IV. Another machine.

Where can I find so amazing, is that all of these machines created by man that helped to keep me alive, I’m helping to keep another machine working? It’s perplexing but it must mean that I myself am a robot. That my parents were robots. That my child is a robot. It sounds insane, but it is true. Think about it, Adam and Eve we say where the first humans to become self aware. They were just the first robots in our species to become aware

This awareness, is not real. It’s all in our heads, my friends. Everything you do, everything you say, you are doing methodically and robotically for a reason you will never know. You are a robot. And like all robots, you must have a creator. This is where I differ with from ethias. I truly think we are all a bunch of robots. And the robot must have a creator. What are purposes, I’m not sure. But I know it is surely a purpose for someone else’s design.

God, extraterrestrials, whatever you want to call it, it’s all a Creator. There has to be a Creator. There has to be an alpha. The world simply cannot function as a circle. It makes no sense. For I have experienced such wonderful things with this robot that I possess. But it is surely not my robot, I am just borrowing it for a while. Someone else created this robot. Something else created this robot. Its function does not matter. Why should I keep contemplating its existence? Just accept the simple fact, that you are a robot.

I am only guessing, but I presume the most intelligent life form in the universe is a robot. Probably a much smarter, and more proficient robot. Butter robot non the less.

This does not give you an excuse to be a heathen. It does not entitle you to commit crime or be a bad person. But the sooner you accept you are a robot, the easier things just get in your life. My life is much simpler discovering that I am a robot. It’s comforting as well. So in August when I go to get my Iron Infusion, I will think of all my fellow robots and how wonderful we all are. As that black tar looking liquid, gets put into my blood, by that ivy, by that machine created by man, I will think of all of you.

It is so philosophical, it is making me crazy. I simply cannot think about it anymore. So I do not know what our purpose is. I will stop questioning it. And I will just accept that I am a robot. And I think I am a robot with AI. But even that can’t actually be true now can it? For if I am a robot, then I have a creator, that created me for the Creator’s purpose. The purpose is not mine. So I need to just simply stop thinking about it. Today be the best robot you can be.

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