O Brother, Where Art Thou?

I have watch this damn movie at least 10 times. O Brother, Where Art Thou? I am an analyzer. I like to analyze things. And my first interpretation of this movie was the same one I have today. This movie is obviously a theological discussion. It is obviously about if you have lived a good life or a bad life. Are the souls that are in prison truly all Criminal? I understand that this movie is supposedly deep, and supposedly touches upon questions that we Ponder ourselves. Where are we from? Who are we? Why are we here? But they have to tell you honestly, that watching this movie will not answer any of those questions. And you are left just as perplexed as you were before you watch did the movie. Because I died on June 26th 2017, I truly have a new outlook on life. What life is about. And what life is for. And what we should or should not do with the time we have left. My daughter is only 8 years old. And yes I have had the sex talk with her. Only in terms that an eight-year-old can understand, but yes I have had it. Why you may ask me? Because I truly understand that your heart can stop beating at anytime. And therefore you should see the things you want to before you die. Because you never know when that might be. Trust me, your heart can stop beating anytime. And I wanted to make sure that my daughter got the bees and the birds talk from me and did not from her peers. This way I know I have done one great thing. My point is, my friends, that you should not wait in life for the right moment. There is no right moment. There is only right now. What have you been putting off that needs to be done? I say do it! Do it today and do it proudly. O Brother, Where Art Thou? I have no idea where your brother is, but I know that my brothers are in California and Vermont and one is in New York. The Theology of it all I leave for another day.

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