The Walking Dead is dead

Unless you have lived under a rock for the last few years you have probably heard of the television show The Walking Dead. At one time it was my favorite show. During the first season one of the writers said something that was so true. He told people that we all know how it will end. Meaning everyone must die. And real zombie shows everyone that must die. Humanity is not triumphant over zombies. I have always been obsessed with apocalyptic stories and design B. Today’s The Walking Dead has many different groups of people. Instead of following just a few storylines they have introduced all these new people making their own new Utopias. The problem with this is that I should be seeing more new zombies. Humanity is never triumphant in zombie story. It really makes me angry. The writers knew they had to kill off people so they killed off people while introducing more people. This is not a real zombie story. In a real zombie show everyone must die. So I no longer watch The Walking Dead. It has simply gone to such unbelievable storylines. So the walking dead is dead to me. Maybe a new zombie show will come out. But if there is one make sure everyone dies. Because in a real zombie story humanity is not Triumph in over the zombies.

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