My first amendment

I love the First Amendment. But I am the first to admit that I often abused it for my own means and motives. I am raw with the First Amendment and I am naked and bare with the First Amendment. I know I should always use my blog for humanitarian issues. For starvation and all the terrible things that happened to so many children in this world. But I will face the facts. I do not always use it for good means. Sometimes I am simply pissed off or angry at a person. And yes I have used their names in a blog or a poem. And most would say that I should not do this and it is wrong. To this I say oh well. I get angry. Most people do. Most of the country was stupid enough to put Donald Trump into office I feel that I can be dumb enough to sometimes use people’s name in print. Anything I write is my opinion. Whether or not it is about a real person or a unicorn or a alien it is my right. I love the First Amendment. I guess I take advantage of the First Amendment sometimes. But I’m more often use it for good. I’m more often draw attention to things that are happening to other human beings that should not be happening. I try to be a tree loving hippie and the true humanitarian. But sometimes it is simply not possible. I am only human. I get pissed. But I pay for this website so I can get pissed once in awhile.. I wanted to take back everything I have ever said about anything anyone if I know that it would create peace on Earth. But let us all face facts. Peace on Earth is never going to happen as long as human beings have human nature. So here I am with my bare First Amendment. I am often brutal. I am often cruel. But I will not apologize. It is who I am and I have original sin just like the rest of you. It does not mean that I don’t love you any less. The truth is if I hate you. Then I actually love you. For I think there is a fine line between love and hate. Sometimes I wonder if there is a line at all. It can become very blurry. But again I say I will not apologize to anyone or anything for my opinion. I will apologize to the Dolphins I should be writing about that get caught in the Nets. I will apologize to the trees that get chopped down. I will apologize to all the children out there who are starving or abused. But I am sorry all of the people I have written about ever I will never apologize to you. For multiple sclerosis has left me unable to walk. But it is still left me with my boots. And These Boots Were Made for Walking. And that’s just what they will do. And yes someday These Boots just might walk all over you. Peace and love and peace on Earth. I hope someday it happens for on that day you will get an apology.

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