There is no Rod Serling here.

I am from a town called Binghamton New York. This town is home to Rod Serling. Home of the Twilight Zone. Home of creativity and inspiration. A home where the artist of any kind could bloom. That is not my town today. Today my town is overrun by heroin abuse. Drug and alcohol abuse. And unfortunately more overdoses from heroin than most big cities in America. We used to hold EDM events and artistic events even in the 90s. Today this is not true. I have had trouble with venues to hold EDM events and venues to hold poetry events. Everyone wants to help bring Binghamton back to its Heyday yet they don’t seem to want to be part of the solution. They just like to talk a lot. All our politicians talk about is drug abuse. Exist. Just od’ing on drugs. Or the fact that we hardly have jobs in the area. Perhaps we would have more jobs if we brought back up the artist place in our community? It is very hard to be an artist in Binghamton New York. I have many artistic friends and all of them have brought their art to New York City. Syracuse. Or Rochester. We need to bring the light of art back to Binghamton. I hope in writing this post I can help the Resurgence of the art that used to exist so strongly here. Art Never Dies it is everywhere. We must embrace it and promote it. Do not just let Binghamton be the death of a city. Bring it back to where it should be.

Peace and love Laurelin🌻

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