Thank you

I have had my website since 2003. I have shared my journey with multiple sclerosis and addiction and humanitarian issues and I have been lucky enough to get some of you to actually listen to what I say. And I think you for it. When I first got this site it was $16 the next year they raised it to $19 because I was not getting enough ads. It was then that I realized I was a terrible terrible blogger. And I should leave it up to the professionals. I only write as a Blog now because my site is for poetry and short stories. Which I hope and think you have enjoyed throughout the years and I hope you will continue to enjoy. I got my bill for this year and it went from $19 down to $17! I am a disabled English teacher money is tough for me $2 goes a long way. But more than that it meant that people are not only reading my stuff but care. Care about humanity. Care about themselves. Cared about me while I was in Mexico getting stem cells. So from the worst blogger in the world to all you great bloggers out there I say a giant thank you. I now have a permanent venue where I read it and it is partially due to you my International and National friends. I love you my sisters and my brothers

Peace and love Laurelin

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