I get angry, yes I do, then I get vengeful it is true.

Like my disease and the weather ;it never makes me feel better
Every horrible man from my life: I want to say ,I don’t care .did you walk today?

Yes my disease has taught me how to be kind. But just for a moment let’s hit rewind.

There are truly some things that you need to just let go. My question is, where do they go?

Because maybe I want my question back. Maybe you ignoring me makes me feel under attack.

And I hate to get political. I really do. But you are such a liar, and a fake, what’s wrong with you!?

Oh, I forgot that’s what politicians are. I guess you got a big Shiny Gold Star.

Independence came. And Independence went. Here are all the dumb things I sent.

You know that song, I Love You winter, spring ,or fall? Screw them I hate them all.

Every year I try try try. But I just can’t stand the month of July.

August ,please hurry up and come soon. Of course, then you’re just closer to the month of June.

I need a tracer,, and a memory eraser. Perhaps then I could face her. 

Until then I will feel apprehension Doom and Gloom. When it becomes the month of June.

Wait a minute . . O’Briens are lions.

I don’t need your calendar! I will use the Mayans.

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