Earth Day

Earth day is such a misnomer. We have a day to celebrate my mother earth. So what do we do? We plant a tree and by pesticides and chemicals with a human made chemicals. It’s bullshit if you really wanted protect this Earth don’t let coal emissions be sent into our atmosphere. If you really want to help the Earth have a compost pile. If you really want to help the Earth stop using styrofoam to get your coffee in the morning. Earth Day is a great idea but it is a bunch of bullshit. Are you doing all you can to help Mother Earth? How many times do you throw away things that are recyclable just because it’s easier? Are you trying to save money for a hybrid car? Do you use plastic diapers or cloth diapers? In the eighties my parents used cloth diapers but only because we were so poor. Just ask yourself how much are you actually doing for the Earth?

Peace andlove Laurelin 

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