Yin and yang

I am watching the third Matrix movie. Yes, I know the really, really awful one. Opposite of Neo the agent are battling. Evil vs. Good. Black versus white. Of course it is a movie and do you no good always triumphs evil. Real life however is not always so clear. People like to say there is no black or white but we live in the gray. I have always disagreed with this statement. Everything in nature has an exact opposite. Including you. In German, they call it a doppelganger. They say that in the world everyone has someone that looks just like them. Perhaps this is your opposite. The question is are you black or are you white? You cannot but be both Gray. All those people would like to think so, in nature it does not work that way. There is always an opposite for everything. For terrorism we battle empathy and love. Everything has an opposite. What will you opposed today? Will you be black or will you be white? You cannot live in the grey. It is not a option.

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