I’m sure you are aware of catfishs on social media. They are people who are trying to scam other people out of money. Usually to try and get money to them to another country. The other form of catfish is one who pretends to be in love with you. For your time. You affection. Your heart. And often your money. They often use a different picture and tell a different story about who they are. We have all seen the show Catfish on MTV. Yet ,there are still so many people who are catfished. Usually elderly people are the ones who fall victims to the ones who want lots of money sent to them. I have had a man in Nigeria who tried to catfish me for money. I have tried to be catfished at least five or six times. My husband says to block them and I usually do. But I will be honest with you… I mess with them for a while. One guy from Nigeria was dumb enough to have on his wale he was from Dallas Texas living in Italy. His English was of course, terrible. I asked him to say something in Italian and he wouldn’t ,he just change the subject. He also kept referring to me as deary. I know that they often have a hard time translating pronouns of affection and then another language. This is always the sign of a catfish. All of his friends were also from Nigeria Tanzania or other African countries. Finally ,he admitted he was from Nigeria and he was a refugee seeking refuge in America and could I please send him  money. I told him to try starting a go fund me page on Facebook. If you really was a hard worker trying to seek asylum in America people would help. He kept asking me to send money. Lol so finally I had had enough and I told him I know you are a catfish. This will not translate on your translator but it means you’re someone taking advantage of someone else using social media. I then said to him, why don’t you sell your phone if you need money so bad? Why don’t you invest your time in finding a job instead of taking advantage of people on Facebook? I told him I had already reported him to Facebook. I always do report these people. Always check their while to see who they really are. I had another creeper supposedly from Ireland. His page only had a picture of a little boy riding some toy. He only had three friends. He didn’t refer to me as Deary but he kept referring to me as lovely. I took a guess and I said you are not from Ireland I believe you are from Africa has somewhere. What a surprise  ! He and his account suddenly disappeared. However for these few not good people get hit me on Facebook there are 10 times the amount of international friends I have made on Facebook. People that have bewcome really good friends. You just have to know how to be smart. Plain and simple if it’s too good to be true it is not good. And don’t search for Love on social media. I know it works out for a small few. Generally you should go on a dating website. People there that truly searching for love will pay a fee to be on there just like you. there are occasional people on social medias who were just interested in one thing,  and you know what that is. These people just black immediately. There are so many of them Facebook won’t even investigate if you report it. My purpose in writing this blog is to tell people to be smart. It’s hard   enough that we have to teach our children to be weary of social media ,when there are adults who still need to learn the same lesson. Be careful out there. And remember that Humanity in general is good. Every now and then you do find a catfish.

Peace and love Laurelin 

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