How much do you tell your child and when?

I know the beginning of when times get truly tough being a parent, is when you have the sex talk. My husband is deathly afraid of it. I am not. I have no problem sitting her down ,no matter how uncomfortable she is, and having the talk. The question is when do you have it? I figured around puberty. I have a daughter so things get tricky after this. I will put her on the pill. This is in case she decides to make the dumb mistake of having sex early, she will not get pregnant. It also helps regulate your periods and makes them not so rough. Do you tell her a combination of both? Or do you white lie it and say you’re putting her on it to regulate her periods and make them lighter. I will of course tell her all the good things that happened in my life.  How education is so important.  How I got good grades in school .  How I went to college and became a schoolteacher myself . But there’s still questions that we must talk about with our children . The  drug talk. This one is very tricky for me. I have had many people tell me I should be honest with my child about my past. I’ve also had people tell me to absolutely not tell my child about my past. Or do I just bring it up as it arises? Do I tell her I know every time she’s on anything? Because I obviously will, because I was on at one point everything. Except for those bath salts those are beyond my time. Do I tell her how drug addiction led me to being a drug buyer? Sometimes a drug dealer? A drug trafficker? If I do not tell her these things I will not also tell her my great journey of sobriety.  In which I had a spiritual awakening .  Is it fair to not tell her of this experience? I would not have Remeet her father if I had not gone through this experience. Do I tell her all the side effects it did to me and the road it let me down?Or do I  Just tell  her that her brain is growing until age 25, so she needs to keep chemicals out of her body. Which is totally true.  However, it is still a white lie.  As I did drugs starting at age 14 . Because of my drug addiction, That I have been on skid row and I don’t want her to windup there? How much of your self do you let your child know about your self? My daughter is only 6 years old, so these are things I don’t have to worry about now. But six years have flown by and I’m sure the next six will too. My husband thank goodness, never did drugs got into trouble or did bad things. Do I tell my daughter how I stole, and how I got two DWIs in one night? Yes,  that’s right, you have to be a die  hard alcoholic to get two DWIs in one night. Do I tell her how I was in the end abusive relationship and was almost choked to death? Or do I just do my best, telling her to never let a man put his hands on her, or just  hope that she will learn how a man treats her from her father. And it is so hard these days to be a parent. And I’m sure all of our parents wondered the same questions about themselves. But today we have to worry about social media,  and bullying, and so many things that did not used to exist. I think the best thing to do is to keep them off social media for as long as possible. My husband works in IT, so thank goodness there’s nothing that she could do on our computer that he won’t find out about. But kids are smart. Do you remember yourself as a teenager? I hope so much that my daughter takes after her father. Although, it would serve me right if I wound  up with a little me LOL. Let us pray not. So how much of our selves do we reveal to our children? And how much is it for the better or for the worst? I guess I will figure it out when the time comes. I just hope and pray she does not make the same mistakes that I did. Isn’t that what we wish and hope for all our children?

Peace and love Laurelin 

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