Not my country

This is not my country. My country was founded on immigrants and people coming to this land to better themselves and their families. This is not my country. I just read a story about two parents from Iran who are being detained at LAX because of their ethnicities. They were on their way to visit their daughter. Her father is very ill and requires medication. She has no idea how he is or how he and his wife are being treated. Anywhere to  over a hundred refugees are now detained at  airports across the America. People are protesting everywhere. Those protesters Are My People. Those refugees Are My People. All Races and all walks of life are my people. But as long as we have a dictator in control of our country this is not my country. He must be impeached. He must be stopped. He does not represent all of us and to the rest of the world he does. The world hates us right now. If we didn’t have enough countries hating us before, now the enter  world hates us. I do not know about you, but I do not like being hated. ESpecially for things I have no control over. I did not vote for him I did my part. But I don’t care what party you belong to, what is going on in this country is Wrong. And you know it. Do not just stick by the Republican attitude; I have to stick with my party. This is not about party lines ,this is about Humanity. Who are we to keep people from coming to our great land? You Are My People. You have the choice. You are The Voice. Take back our country. I don’t know what this place has become ;but this is not my country.

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