Robert Frost wrote quote “walls make good neighbors.” Like most of his poems this is ironic.Walls do not make good neighbors ,walls make isolated Neighbors. Have we learned nothing from the Berlin Wall? We don’t want to divide family and friends. We don’t want to divide cultures and people. Of course I am talking about the wall between Mexico and the United States. I am very much against it. What a bunch of wasted money. Why not instead hire More border patrol? This creates more  jobs and brings more money into our country ,instead of money going into a wall. The Mexican president said quote “Mexico does not believe in walls.” The Mexican government is corrupt but good for him. None of us should believe in walls. Especially a country that is found it under the idea of e pluribus unum. Yes we need better immigration laws and control. But I say again, have  more emigration leaders to Patrol who gets allowed into the country  ,again creating more jobs. Once you start dividing people,  you divide Humanity.I am very against anything that corrupt Humanity. As a person who has recently visited Mexico I must say it is a beautiful country. The people ,the culture and the respect we received was beyond compare. I don’t know if we as Americans would give the same respect to a visiting Mexican, and that is sad.. Viva La Mexico and Viva Estados unidos and Viva El Mundo. Yes long live the world. There are no real boundaries. It is something that man creates. Do you think a wolf or cares about boundaries? Do you think the oak tree or the river cares about boundaries? After we are long and gone nature still won’t care about boundaries and neither should we. We are a nation that needs to be more accepting ,or at least follow my ideas. We are a people as a human race, that needs to be more accepting. It’s time to break down fences, not build them up. I think that is what Robert Frost would want. And it is what I want too.

Peace and love Laurelin 

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