Time takes time

Yes this is a phrase that has stuck with me for a long time. Time does take time. And time does eventually heal all wounds.. But the worst is when you’re the one who caused the hurt. Roadblock that upset my mother. A woman who I respect and I love more than anyone in the world. I did not know she was a block follower. I foolishly only thought she like most but as my husband only said if it was posted on social media. So I don’t know what to do. I am still in what they call chemo fog. I am not really in control of my emotions. My multiple sclerosis is like a roller-coaster and I never know if I’m going to wake up to a good day or a bad day. Anyways I don’t know how to fix this and I can’t really think straight to even think how to fix it because I deleted the blog and I can’t read read it to even remember exactly what I wrote wrong. I know it sounds crazy but chemotherapy kind of makes you crazy. The good thing is I live in New York and have no hair and I’m cold. I have seen no 6s nor have I seen any downfall yet to having stem cells. So they say you have to wait for up to a year to see anything effective. Meantime I will just wait because time takes time. And just like I hope my mother can forgive me I hope that stuff sells will work. I just have to let time take time. I apologize for all the grammatical errors I don’t have the eyes to look back through and put commas in.

Peace and love Laurelin 

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