Stem cells in Mexico for multiple sclerosis day 14

I have had two rounds of chemo. Which has improved my strength greatly. Showing that the immune system of those with multiple sclerosis is killing us. Today I got a PICC line and catheter in my chest. In preparation for them to take stem cells from my body. I still have to get two rounds of chemotherapy and they have to put the stem cells back in my body and then I have to hope and pray that a new immune system grows quickly before I catch a bug or a flu from someone. So far my experience has been successful. I am writing this to tell everyone with multiple sclerosis that the answer to our prayers is stem cells. If you are like me and you live in the United States of America this is not possible. It is because the United States relies heavily on pharmaceutical companies and their money. You see if I have an immune system without multiple sclerosis I do not need to be on my medications which cause hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. I implore anyone with multiple sclerosis to seek out a treatment that I have. I have decided that I am going to mainly use this blog to show how far I get with my treatment. When I began writing this blog  I was I was wheelchair-bound and could not walk. Today I can walk a few feet with a walker but I still can’t not write. I’m hoping in time my beautiful penmanship will return. As of now I have to sign my name with an X. My website is still a poetry website on my homepage but from here on out all of my blogs will be about multiple sclerosis My Success or lack thereof. Although I do not see there being any lack thereof. I also want to inform my country but there are other ways to improve your quality of life besides for taking pills. The pharmaceutical companies are trying to take over the United States of America and they are. I will keep you posted I am getting my stem cells in three days. Which I am calling my birthday as that will be the day I began begin a New Journey in life. Hopefully a life where I can hold my child. Leave my house. Wear underwear instead of Depends. Not have bladder and bowel problems. And the list goes on and on but I will not continue telling you all of my woes also, I hope that perhaps this can help people to get off their medication and to help America stop being run by pharmaceutical companies. We are the land of the free. There is no reason why stem cells are not of use in our country. The only people that can get them are certain type of cancer.. stem cells can be used to treat so many illnesses. It is ridiculous our nation has become a nation that relies heavily on money instead of taking care of the people who actually live in it. If you are anyone with a debilitating illness such as myself do not give up hope. Write your Congressman write your Senator write your governor shout to the world that we need stem cells in America. I will keep you updated on my success as I know it will be successful. And I will finally be the wife and the mother that I am meant to be.

As always peace and love do not give up hope LAURELIN 

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