Stem cells in Mexico day 5

We had yesterday free to prepare ourselves for today. I am getting chemotherapy at 1 o’clock Mexican time. On the third day of stem cells which I did not write a blog I had so many tests and was so tired that I apologize I didn’t write one I got my EDSS score on that day. If you score an 8 that means you have no hope and you are basically going to probably died of complications from multiple sclerosis. If you have a 7 they will still treat you here but you don’t have as good of luck and it may not do very much. We were hoping and praying for a six point five or a six. I prayed last night to every religion’s God to the goddess and to Nature just to cover all of my bases. And I got a 6.5! So it does look like stem cells are going to help me quite a bit. I also had a ton of lab work. They took more blood out of my body than any lab work I’ve ever had done LOL. I got to meet the doctor who actually founded the clinic and he is a wonderful wonderful man. He treated us all with such respect and made sure to meet and greet and speak with all of us. I also had lung function test and a chest x-ray. And as well as having my urine check. And for all intents and purposes other than the fact that I have multiple sclerosis I am extremely healthy! How do you spell Dr how do you say it dr. Ruiz is the doctor who founded the clinic and he is the one that we are calling Santa Claus because he is like this mythical creature that has come down from God to help all of us with multiple sclerosis. The other great thing is I have made many friends with multiple sclerosis that I am sure I will continue to stay in contact for the rest of my life. And I have learned that you have to be your own Advocate cuz I have 

Heard of drugs that could help my Tremors but no neurologist has ever suggested to me. The picture above is the man himself dr. Ruiz. He is so very kind and I suggest anyone with multiple sclerosis come here. It is much cheaper than anywhere else because the peso is not worth much money. So far I have had a very good experience except for very being very fatigued and tired. So I’m very glad they gave us yesterday off. I am hoping I am one of the 10% that doesn’t lose my hair because I have such long beautiful hair but if I lose it all it’s worth it. It is all so beautiful here in this city Puebla. It is one of the few cities in Mexico that is expanding and actually the economy is doing better than anywhere else in Mexico. I am so grateful to be here and I will keep you posted and let you know how chemotherapy goes tomorrow. After after I have chemotherapy today I have one more round of chemotherapy and then they will take stem cells from my body. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed… peace and love Laurelin 

By the way that picture is a picture of a volcano in the background can you see the steam coming out of it? It’s pretty cool. I like this town very much people are so well-mannered and polite and if that Donald Trump build the wall we will get our daughter and move here. As always peace and love my friends

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