Stem cells in Mexico day 2

I am beyond beyond exhausted today. Had to get up very early. Had to help my heart and lab work where they took more blood than any lab work I’ve ever had. Urine test. Chest x-rays. And an MRI of my spine. So today was quite a long day for me. Tomorrow is going to be an even earlier and longer day. I start chemo on Friday and I am very looking forward to that because chemotherapy alone has helped many people just to get rid of their immune system. After I am done with chemo then we’ll take stem cells from me and then replace them in me. After that I’m supposed to just stay in the apartment and do nothing so that my immune system can grow and I cannot leave or be around anyone that could possibly have a bug or influenza. So things are going pretty well I am just exhausted and fatigued as most people with multiple sclerosis would be if they had a long day I had today. I will continue to keep you all posted. Thank you for caring and I look forward to seeing you back in America when I leave Mexico. Peace and love Laurelin 

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