Stem cells in Mexico

I’m in  Mexico preparing to get stem cells. I start chemo therapy on Friday. I’ve only been here three days and I’m so exhausted. I really hope that these stem cells help me in some way. Even if they only help me a little I’ll be happy. I don’t expect really to ever walk again but I do want my bowels and bladder problems to go away. As well as the heat and cold bothering me., I am so fatigued all the time but my hopes are high. There are so many people here that aren’t nearly as bad off as me but there are a couple that are worse. It is slightly depressing to see people here that are walking  and you are bitching about problems. I guess I just expected to see more people that are as bad off as me. But I should feel lucky and be blessed that I am here in the first place. This is my last resort and my last chance so let’s all hope and pray that it works. I start chemo therapy on Friday. I must say I am not excited to lose my very long hair. But  the hair on the rest of my body I’m pretty excited about losing. The really good thing is my Spanish is getting better. I miss my daughter and I Miss America but I don’t miss Donald Trump. I’ll keep you posted and blog  every couple days to tell you how  I’m doing. Peace and love Laurelin 

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