I have a confession.

I have not learned my lesson.

I cry when I see pain and bombs you see,

But I still have faith in humanity.

Why do we still hurt our sisters and brothers?

No matter the race;  they’re your family your dad’s and your mother’s..

How do we brainwashed these young man no one knows

They line up in the name of God in Suicide in rows..

Unlike others, I feel bad for these boys.

They are taught to use grenade launchers like they are toys

We witness their destruction, and curse their name.

When we are angry at the wrong person to blame.

They hide behind Promises of virgins and God.

Brainwashing children and they don’t know it’s a fraud..

It’s a shame we are angry at the wrong man.

He’s hiding somewhere in some desert land.

We must be proactive in another way.

We will never find this old man. I can certainly say,

Find these young men with low self-esteem ,minds that are easy to sway,

Teach them we love them and that this is not the way.

Find them before these old men do.

How to teach them love; and the bombing will become less and few.

We have gone about this Isis thing all wrong.

It’s time for us to sing a different song.

They can change one by on

We can’t save them all, but we can save some.
It may take days, weeks ,months, or hours.

But word spread like wildfire.

If we can reach one, then we will reach  others.

Love will prevail ,all cities recoveries 

We need to end all this death and sorrow

Help our young man, for they are the hope for tomorrow.

Don’t be afraid of their accents, clothes, or skin color.

Help them to learn their not the enemy but our brothers.

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